Zakiya Mackey

Zakiya Mackey is a third generation West Oakland native with a passion for community and social justice. Having spent more than a decade working in program and community development for Family Support Services of the Bay Area, Girls Inc.of Alameda County, and Google Code Next, Zakiya understands the young minds of today and works hard to create better programming to prepare them for the jobs of an emerging tech industry. She has also worked in media, marketing, and sales for various tech companies such asWarner Bros.,Yelp, and Lyft. Zakiya holds a B.A. from Loyola Marymount University, and is happy to bring her devotion for inclusive efforts and love of community and culture to the #YesWeCode team as the new Deputy Director.

When she is not fighting to create safe spaces for Black and Latinx people, Zakiya works as an independent filmmaker sharing stories of dignity, heart, and change.