Whitney Smith

Whitney has over 25 years of experience in the leadership of innovative and progressive projects and organizations. She specializes in bridging the gap between dynamic non-profit organizations and cutting edge for-profit companies to achieve the highest social good.  
Whitney is also the visionary Founder of Girls For A Change and scaled the organization from 10 girls in the US to over 20,000 girls globally during her 13-year tenure as CEO.
She has been acknowledged for her accomplishments by NPR, named one of the most Influential women in the Silicon Valley and featured as one of the first 100 women in the PBS/AOL documentary project Makers. She was selected to attend Harvard Business School’s Nonprofit Strategic Management Program and awarded a scholarship to Hewlett Packard’s Leadership Initiative Program.
A tireless advocate for social justice and the unlimited potential of girls and women, Whitney speaks frequently to diverse audiences on collaboration, social change, youth development, and girls and women in leadership.