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2020 Election Toolkit

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2020 Election Toolkit

Everything is different in 2020, including this election.

But here’s something that hasn’t changed: the leaders we elect this year will impact every single one of us. They will shape the future we leave behind for our children. They will decide if we return to normal—to a world that ignores the daily injustices of being Black, Brown, or low income in America—or take bold action to rebuild better than before. With stakes this high, every vote matters.

Do these things now to help ensure the integrity of our elections and preserve our democracy:


Every eligible voter should have their voice heard and their vote counted. When we take time to count and verify every ballot, it’s a sign that our democracy is working. Ask your local election officials to commit to protecting the integrity of the election by counting every eligible vote. 


Election results are going to take longer this year. Be the light for your networks — share good, clear, true information about the election and its potential outcomes and help combat disinformation and other forces working to undermine our democracy.

This election is not the first nor the last step in our fight for a better future. There will still be more protests, more petitions, more phone calls, and more policies to push for that bring us closer toward our common goals. Elections are just one piece of a healthy democracy, but our votes are the foundation for every other victory that we the people make possible.

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Key Dates

November 3rd

Election Day: In a close election, we are unlikely to know which candidate won on election night.

December 8th

The “Safe Harbor” Deadline: States must resolve disputes over which ballots to count and report final vote totals or risk their Electoral College votes not being counted by Congress.

December 14th

Deadline for Governors to Report Election Results to Congress: In each state, the governor must send a “certificate of ascertainment” to Congress reporting which candidate won the state and which slate of electors has been appointed to the Electoral College.
The Electoral College Meets: In each state, the winning candidate’s slate of pledged electors meet, cast their votes, and send a record of their votes to Congress.

January 3rd

Start of the 117th Congress: All newly elected or reelected senators and representatives are sworn in.

January 6th

Congress Counts Electoral College Votes: Congress convenes in a joint session held in the House chambers to count Electoral College votes and choose the next president.

January 20th

Inauguration Day: The newly-elected President is sworn in. If Congress hasn’t chosen a new president, the newly-elected Vice President is sworn in as the acting president. If Congress hasn’t chosen a new Vice President, the Speaker of the House is sworn in as the acting president.

If voters have questions about voting or experience trouble when casting their ballot, they should call the Election Protection hotline to get help and report a problem.

  • English: 866-OUR-VOTE (administered by the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law)
  • Spanish: 888-VE-Y-VOTE (administered by the NALEO Educational Fund)
  • Asian Languages: 888-API-VOTE (administered by APIAVote and Asian Americans Advancing Justice AAJC)
  • Arabic: 855-YALLA-US (administered by the Arab American Institute)
  • Vote by Mail in Native American Communities by the Native American Rights Fund

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