Dream Corps

This election is unlike any other and demands each of us to step up for our democracy. But the truth is, democracy has never been easy. It has always relied on We The People coming together across divides and differences, and fighting for a future better than before. 

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With the most important election of our lifetime just days away, there’s a lot of opinions out there. Whether you’re an eager first time voter or a proud seasoned vet, we’re all just trying to do our part to learn the issues, have our voices heard, and ensure that all votes are counted. That is why we’ve created, Truth Cast, a series of videos to address, inform, and empower viewers on the subjects of voter registration, disinformation, voter suppression, and more.

So go ahead and check out Truth Cast, because if you’ve got a question – we’ve got the truth on that!

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Feeling stressed? Anxious? Exhausted? We know 2020 has been a heck of a year, to say the least – but we’re here for you! Join our Dream Circles, spaces for us to join together in solidarity, hone our mindfulness tools, and reimagine our world together!

We have weekly gathering spaces to come together and an online Slack community to connect with others around the world!

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