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Truth Cast: Voting by Mail

Harrison Ribeiro de Oliveira is Dream Corps’ Digital Organizer. In our third Truth Cast episode, he talks about the differences between voting by mail and voting in person.

Election season is upon us – and we know everyone’s got questions, like, is it better to vote in person or through the mail? No matter how you vote this year, it’s important to make a plan. 

If you can vote early or by mail, you should! It’s safe and reliable, and will relieve pressure on day-of infrastructure. If you vote by mail, VOTE EARLY! Request your ballot as soon as possible and send it back right away. Don’t forget to check for specific instructions on mailing in ballots from your state.

If you need to vote in person on Election Day, expect lines:

  • Poll Workers and voters should be using PPE and keep social distancing rules, so lines may be longer than usual and it might feel a little different. 
  • Bring water, snacks, and hand sanitizer, and don’t forget your mask!
  • Once you are in line, by law, you can not be turned away, even if the polls close. 
  • It’s super important for you to stay as long as it takes, until you are able to cast your vote. 
  • Make your voting plan with this in mind, and make whatever arrangements necessary. 

To learn more about voting in your state, go to Vote.org or google search “how to vote.” If you’re registered already and want help make voting plans with friends and family, simply text VOTE to 974-83. Remember, every vote counts.

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