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The human impact of the First Step Act

One year ago, in December 2018, a bipartisan coalition came together to pass the landmark criminal justice reform legislation known as the First Step Act. As a result, thousands of people have came home.

Brothers Lonnie and Lyle Jones, who each spent twenty years in federal prison for nonviolent, first-time offenses, will spend their first holiday season in two decades, with each other and their families.

Lonnie and Lyle’s story represents what is possible when we cross party lines to lead with empathy and compassion.

As we celebrate one year since the passage of the First Step Act, join us in watching and sharing Lonnie and Lyle’s story, and read the report we’ve prepared on the human impact of the First Step Act.


Read the report

#cut50 authored a report to highlight the incredible human impact of the law.

Read about the thousands of people who have been freed from federal prisons, reunited with their families, and are contributing back to their communities.

Join us in welcoming people home

As we head into the holiday season and the second year of the implementation of the #FirstStepAct, we look forward to bringing more of our brothers and sisters home to their loved ones. Join us in a celebration of FREEDOM and a commitment to continue the fight to bring more dignity, more empathy, and many more urgent changes to our criminal justice system.

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