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The Dream Corps Response to the Attack on our Capitol

In response to the events at the U.S. Capitol, Dream Corps issued the following statement:

All of us at Dream Corps are still grieving the assault on our democracy that took place yesterday. Like Americans across the country, we are struggling to find the words to explain what happened to our children, and we are appalled and shaken by the lack of accountability that has taken place since. 

What happened at the U.S. Capitol was not an accident or happenstance; the groundwork has been laid by leaders at the top for years. It is repulsive, but not surprising, that the terror reigned on children in cages, Black and Brown communities, religious minorities, people behind bars, and millions of others over the past four years has also reached the halls of Congress. This corrosive threat is not debatable—yesterday’s events show us a clear preview of where this road will lead. 

Our democracy is at serious risk if a handful of people can sweep us into crisis. The large majority of us share the unsettling feeling that we have fallen off course, and the desire to make things right. For every member of Congress ready to undermine the will of the people, there were dozens who refused. For every person on the streets calling for a coup, there were thousands at home declaring never again, and finding new inspiration to heal our country. We need to hold onto that rare, fleeting feeling, and let it sweep us into the radical act of coming together and choosing bottom-up common ground.  

We The People, as human beings and as Americans, have a choice to make. We can stand by safely in our circles, continue to point fingers, and allow hatred and divisiveness to further uproot our democracy. Or we can choose to come together and become a force for change, holding those who are responsible accountable while focusing on creating healing solutions to our many shared challenges. 

In every breakdown, there is opportunity for breakthrough. Today must mark the beginning of a new chapter—one that turns the page on this ugly spiral towards authoritarianism and centers on building a more perfect union with dignity and freedom for all. 

Building a future of community over chaos requires all of us to step up. To join us in recommitting to a nation of liberty and justice for all, sign up for the People’s Inauguration on January 21. https://thepeoplesinauguration.org/

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