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Intersection of Technology, Racial Justice and Social Change

NEW YORK (July 12, 2017) — The question: How do emerging technologies influence racial justice and social change? The answer: National Urban League TechConnect.

Held over two days during the National Urban League Conference in St. Louis, July 27 and 28 and sponsored by Facebook, TechConnect will feature networking opportunities, and panel discussions from top executives in technology.                       

“Diversity in technology continues to be an important national conversation for tech companies and venture capital firms and in turn, a huge area of opportunity for women of color and tech entrepreneurship. As we see the importance of inclusion become more apparent, Walker’s Legacy is proud to bring this important conversation to TechConnect 2017,” said Natalie M. Cofield, Founder, and CEO of TechConnect partner Walker’s Legacy and Walker’s Legacy Foundation.

Panels will feature thought leaders and industry experts discuss various topics including emerging technologies, career opportunities in tech, and thriving in the tech space as a person of color

A highlight of TechConnect is the Hackathon for Social Justice, sponsored by Comcast. The Hackathon provides a space for innovators—students, developers, designers, and creative thinkers—to design original applications to alleviate the most pressing social issues of our day, specifically those in tune with this year’s Conference theme, Save Our Cities: Education, Jobs, and Justice.  Participants compete in teams of up to four to design technology-based solutions to address issues of public safety, voting, education, jobs, housing and health.

“Too often technology is seen as an ambiguous buzzword that our community doesn’t know much about,” said Felix Flores, National Director of TechConnect partner Dream Corps TECH.  “In the worst cases, it’s villainized and associated with gentrification. Hackathons give a chance for people with different experiences to dive into the tech world by working in teams, learn from each other, and show how efficient and productive people can be using tech tools.  It’s important that organizations like the National Urban League and Dream Corps TECH band together to demystify tech and get people to change from consumers to creators.  That is the key to our future economic empowerment.”

The winning application or software should provide a solution for the Urban League to drive civic engagement, voting, education pipeline, housing, health, justice and job creation in urban communities.

“Technology is the key to Economic Empowerment for African Americans,” said Dr. Lance McCarthy, CEO of TechConnect partner Ferguson 1000. “Everyone has access to the same information thus creativity is the economic indicator. African Americans are the most creative in the planet. Ferguson 1000 is proud to partner w the National Urban League in its tech platform at the conference.”

For more information and to register for TechConnect, visit nultechconnect2017.eventbrite.com

For more information and to register for the Hackathon for Social Justice, visit nulhackathon.eventbrite.com


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