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TAKE ACTION: Juneteenth – A Celebration of Freedom

History of Juneteenth

Juneteenth commemorates the date of June 19, 1865, when Union troops arrived in Galveston Bay, Texas, and delivered the long-delayed news of the Emancipation Proclamation, which had been issued by President Abraham Lincoln more than two years earlier. More than 250,000 forcibly enslaved Black people in the state received that message and although the Emancipation Proclamation did not officially end slavery, it signaled a changing tide in the Union that trickled to the Confederate states.

Upon hearing the announcement, celebrations of freedom became a tradition for many descendants of forcibly enslaved Black people.

About Dream Corps

The Dream Corps advances freedom every day by closing prison doors and opening doors of opportunity.

Our special sauce is that we work with unlikely allies – urban and rural, conservatives and liberals, young and old – to help people, envision a future where everyone has the freedom to thrive on a healthy planet that’s what we’re about.. We know this must be done together, and not apart.  

Dream Corps JUSTICE is a bipartisan effort to cut crime and incarceration across all 50 states. We bring together leaders impacted by the criminal justice system with unlikely allies spanning the political divide to push for criminal justice solutions.

Dream Corps Green For All works at the intersection of the environmental, economic, and racial justice movements to advance solutions to poverty and pollution. We fight for a world that is green for all, not green for some.

Dream Corps TECH is a national program cultivating future leaders and entrepreneurs from underrepresented backgrounds, creating a pipeline of diverse talent that will shift the culture of the tech sector. We work to shift the culture of the tech sector towards a more inclusive and equitable future. THE FUTURE IS BEING WRITTEN IN CODE. TO BE TRULY INCLUSIVE, OUR PEOPLE MUST BE THE ARCHITECTS CREATING THAT FUTURE.

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