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Statement on Reps. Goodlatte, Conyers, Lee Bill Introduce

#cut50 Hails Historic Week, U.S. House Introduces Bipartisan Reform Legislation

“Goodlatte’s new bill and the SAFE Justice Act, which was introduced earlier this year, both have good points,” said Van Jones, co-founder of prison reform group #cut50. “Chairman Goodlatte should consider merging the two bills. We hope that the committee process will be fair and open, so that the strongest possible legislation can emerge.”

“No one should be rejoicing prematurely,” Jones said. “Some prosecutors, prison profiteers and others will soon be screaming ‘bloody murder.’ But those who have been abusing their power will soon have less of it — and a reduced capacity to ruin people’s lives.“

“The real fight to pass a significant bill has now begun. We are prepared to unleash an army of 90+ celebrities and 180,000 online activists to get the best possible bill passed,” said Jessica Jackson Sloan, National Director, #cut50.

“Yesterday, 12,000 people signed our petition in 30 minutes,” Sloan said. “From Amy Schumer to Stephen Curry, Ice T to Alicia Silverstone, Americans are fed up with the status quo. Now is the time for bold reforms. Let’s schedule a hearing, improve these bills, and get something meaningful on the President’s desk before the end of the year.“

“As someone who has spent 19 years in prison and who has successfully rebuilt my life, I know the power of second chances,” said Shaka Sengor, Director of Innovation & Strategy, #cut50. “The fact that today’s legislation comes just after 6,000 people are being given a second chance like I received is very promising. American is ready to embrace second chances, and we are ready for this legislation to be passed, with the hopes that it will lead to even greater reform.”

Today’s legislation comes in the midst of a major week of action by #cut50 and criminal justice reform advocates, with more than 100 celebrities joining 180,000 Americans to call on Congress to pass legislation in 2015.

Celebrity tweets from stars like Amy Schumer, Russell Simmons, and Stephen Curry at:#JusticeReformNOW

Note to Press: #cut50 spokespeople are available for interviews on this new legislation and the growing bipartisan movement for reform. To schedule, please contact Molly Haigh at [email protected]

or Alex Gudich, (415) 240-2016[email protected]

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