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Dream Corps and the White House

Dream Corps has a track record of confronting big problems and finding innovative solutions, all while bringing people together. We combine strategy with soul, love with power, and fierceness with beauty. Our common ground approach is what led us into the Trump White House to pass the First Step Act, bringing over 20,000 people home from prison. That is also how we plan to disrupt mass incarceration, rebuild a green economy, change the look of the tech industry — and unite a country.

So when President Biden called for unity during his State of the Union earlier this month, it was music to our ears.

The speech touched on some of our other priorities, too:

  • Reducing utility costs, investing in electric vehicle infrastructure, and investing in communities — all ideas in our Common Ground on Climate Platform.
  • Commitment to tackling the mental health and the opioid crisis driving up mass incarceration  
  • Embracing innovation and providing more training in order to diversify the high-tech industries of the future
  • Leading with empathy, a core theme of our upcoming National Day of Empathy, the largest annual day of action for criminal justice reform. 

Following the State of the Union, the White House kicked off a 50 state virtual listening tour to hear from people on some of our key issues. At various tour stops, our staff and Dream Corps network members spoke, and Senior White House staff took the time to listen to our stories.

This post-State of the Union event featured a discussion of the concrete ways President Biden’s year two agenda will impact individuals and families, while also providing attendees a chance to share with the White House the issues most important to their communities.

In these listening sessions across the country, we found people yearning to find common ground on solutions for the big problems we face. And, we heard this echoed in the State of the Union. Now, we must continue the work, seeking out unlikely allies and doing what is necessary to restore the soul of America.

Dream Corps and the White House (along with other state community partners) co-sponsored a special ‘Building A Better America’ event in response to President Biden’s priorities for families and communities.

Now we want to hear from you. Are you seeking a less divided America?

Finding common ground helps us make progress for our communities, even in the midst of partisanship. It helps us slowly rebuild trust in each other. It is a daring act of love to reach out when it would be so easy to retreat into our siloes.

The Dream Corps community is a place where we practice making unlikely allies. We lift up bridge-building solutions in order to transform our country. If that vision excites you, join our Slack-based Dream Corps members network — a place to connect with our organizers, facilitate spaces to reimagine our future together, and support one another in times of need.

 Thank you for standing with us,
— Nisha Anand, CEO

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