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Save Florida’s Solar Industry!

Tell Governor DeSantis to veto House Bill 741! Click here to sign!

Tell the Florida Governor DeSantis: Save the Florida Solar Industry!

Climate change is one of the greatest threats to Florida’s way of life, but if Florida’s utility monopolies have their way, our climate change problems will only get worse.

That’s because, at the behest of the state’s utility monopolies, lawmakers have passed SB 1024/HB 741.

These bills would destroy Florida’s progress in promoting clean and renewable energy by reducing how much utility companies would pay solar consumers who produce more electricity than they use.

The bill would essentially disincentivize people to “go green” by putting solar panels on their rooftops. Such a move would leave consumers with no choice but to rely on the carbon-based energy system that is destroying our beautiful beaches, everglades, and coral reefs, wreaking havoc on our weather systems, and overheating our planet.

Homeowners who previously purchased solar panels would be punished and stuck with higher energy bills.

The sunshine state is third in the nation for the number of installed solar panels and second for solar jobs — 40,000 of which could be lost if the bill is passed.

Over 93% of Floridians support the current system. These bills go against the will and interests of the public and the free market; they would kill thousands of jobs and force us to keep paying sky-high utility bills! It’s a loss for Floridians but a windfall for the state’s utility monopolies.

We have very little time to take a stand and say “NO” to these wrongheaded bills. Join the movement, side with energy freedom, Florida families, small business, and thousands of Florida solar workers.

Sign the petition urging Governor to defend our energy choice and VETO HB 741.

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