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TAKE ACTION: Recovery For All

After the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, we’re starting to see parts of our economy turn around. But recovery continues to be slowest for people hit hardest by COVID-19: women, people of color, and low-income communities. 

MID-YEAR UPDATE: Who’s Falling Behind

Watch the update from our CEO Nisha Anand, then scroll down to TAKE ACTION with us.

Here’s how you can join our fight:

People returning home from incarceration are set up to fail from the start. COVID-19 has wiped out many of the reentry programs designed to help people get back on their feet, and families impacted by incarceration are stacking up debt with costly fines and fees they can’t afford to pay.

Throughout COVID, we’ve seen pandemic aid help businesses pay their bills, students afford their loans, and families avoid eviction and utility shutoffs. But people with fines and fees have so far been forgotten—Dream Corps Justice is working to change that. 

Sign the petition to demand immediate relief for families strained by fines and fees.

Dream Corps Green For All is putting the pressure on Congress to pass an aggressive infrastructure plan that puts all Americans back to work. Every house that needs weatherizing or school bus that needs electrification is a job waiting to be created.

Sign the petition to demand Congress prioritize green jobs and 21st-century infrastructure.

Stimulus checks have come and gone, and as cities open up, financial help is slowing down. It’s clear communities hit hardest by high unemployment and a year of economic shutdown need more than one-time fixes. Dream Corps TECH is focused on creating opportunities that connect Black and Latinx communities with the economy of the future, through coding, skills trainings, and tech scholarships that open new doors. 

Sign up for updates from Dream Corps TECH for ways you can get involved in opening doors of opportunity for all.

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