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PRESS RELEASE: Transit Equity Day

Green For All Advocates for Access to Public, Clean Transportation as a Civil Right on National Transit Equity Day in Honor of Rosa Parks’ Birthday

As 12 states in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic develop the Transportation and Climate Initiative, organizations fight for accessible, clean, equitable public transportation nationwide

BOSTON, MA [2/4/20]—Today, in honor of Rosa Parks’ birthday, transportation and climate organizations across the country will celebrate Transit Equity Day, organized by the Labor Network for Sustainability, by advocating for safe, reliable, environmentally-sustainable and affordable transit across the country.

Leading equity group, Green For All, a program of the Dream Corps, will join national partners from the Sierra Club, Jobs to Move America, NAACP, and other organizations and transit unions to highlight their strategy to offer safe, reliable, affordable, clean public transportation as a way to combat climate change, protect community health, create high-quality jobs, and provide mobility to all transit users, regardless of income, national origin, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religion, or ability.

Green For All is participating in Transit Equity Day in part due to their work to inform the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI), a regional collaboration of 12 Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states and the District of Columbia that seeks to cut carbon emissions from the transportation sector and invest in clean transportation solutions. Late last year, the organization released a toolkit, titled Designing an Equitable Cap-and-Invest Program for Transportation, with their policy recommendations on TCI to ensure it is responsive to the needs of low-income families, disproportionately pollution-impacted neighborhoods, and transit-underserved communities.

The following events are being hosted today by Green for All’s partners on TCI:

Green For All has also joined local organizations in Massachusetts, including Alternatives for Community and Environment and the T Riders Union, to call on the MBTA to commit to purchasing only 100% electric new transit buses by 2030. The community group based in the Boston neighborhood of Roxbury is an environmental justice community. Organizers are also pushing for free fares and more frequent, reliable bus service. 

The guiding principles for Transit Equity Day outline a public transit system that is available to all communities across the country that can affordably and efficiently connect people to their homes, workplaces, schools and community centers, while also having a low-impact on the environment. Other principles include better benefits, safe working conditions and union rights for transit employees and the development of other modes of clean transportation, like bike paths and sidewalks, with sustainable public funding.

A full list of Transit Equity Day events can be found here: https://www.labor4sustainability.org/transit-equity-day/.


About Green For All: 

Green For All, a program of Dream Corps, is a national program that is working to build an inclusive green economy strong enough to lift people out of poverty. We work at the intersection of the environmental, economic justice, and racial justice movements to advance solutions to pollution that uplift low-income families and communities of color. Learn more at greenforall.org.

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