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Truth Cast: Make a Voting Plan

Mariah Chinchilla is the Communications Manager at Dream Corps Green For All. In this second episode of Truth Cast, she will help you make a plan to vote!

Are you a first-time voter? Voting is exciting, however, you may not know what to expect. This election is too important to leave anything to chance so it’s important to have a voting plan. Here are a few things you can do to be prepared and informed. 

Check your secretary of state’s website for voting information – or even call their office to ensure you have the correct and most up to date resources. Each state’s voting policy is different. To learn more about voting in your state, go to Vote.org or google search how to vote.

There is a lot of misinformation out there – so here are some facts to remember:

  • If you choose to vote in person, there may be a line AND waiting in the line at your polling location is super important.
  • Once you are in line, by law, you cannot be turned away.
  • Many anticipate that this election will be highly contested, so don’t be surprised if at your polling locations, especially if you live in an urban area, there is legal presence.
  • This is a good thing as these folks are there to ensure that everyone is able to exercise their right to vote.

If you aren’t able to vote in person, request an absentee ballot ASAP. As soon as your state allows you to vote absentee, do so. Also, relational organizing is key.

Don’t just make sure you vote, but also reach out to friends and family.

I suggest also getting three friends and making sure they have a voting plan in place and also asking those three friends to get their friends and loved-ones to make a voting plan. Personal conversations to help make voting plans is the most effective way to encourage voting, especially for other first time voters. Remember to stay in contact – don’t just have one conversation, but keep the line of communication open until everyone has successfully voted.

So, take your phone out right now and open up a new message. Text the word VOTE to 974-83. We’ll help you hold yourself accountable with occasional reminders and updates. If you need help with these conversations, just text back with your question and a Dream Corps organizer will respond and help guide you.

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