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Help Pass the EQUAL Act TODAY!

Time is running out. Tell Senator Schumer to pass the EQUAL Act in the budget today!

To trigger a 5-year mandatory minimum federal sentence, it takes 500 grams (1.1 lbs) of powder cocaine but only 28 grams (0.06 lbs) of crack cocaine. 


Did you know that in America, one form of cocaine can land you behind bars for years, while the other form could get you a slap on the wrist. Crack cocaine and powder cocaine are two forms of the same drug, yet penalties for the possession of crack are 18 times longer than those for people caught with the drug in its powder form. The disparity is unjust, nonsensical, and racist, and it must end. 

That’s why Dream Corps JUSTICE and our allies are working together to end this sentencing gap by supporting the “Eliminating a Quantifiably Unjust Application of the Law” (EQUAL) Act.  The EQUAL Act would create 1:1 penalties for crack and powder cocaine, bringing thousands home from prison and shortening future sentences. Recently, the House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed the EQUAL Act—putting us one step closer.

Help pass the Equal Act by sending a message to Senator Schumer

The good news is, there’s an opportunity for the EQUAL Act to progress, but that’s only if the bill is added to the Omnibus Spending Package being finalized TODAY. Senator Schumer has a chance to move this important piece of policy forward and add the EQUAL Act to the budget omnibus.

Help end this unfair sentencing discrepancy. Send your message in support of the Equal Act today.

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