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At our recent TECH Town Hall powered by TGS, thousands of people across the country tuned in as our founder Van Jones, Facebook’s Chief Diversity Officer Maxine Williams, Black tech entrepreneurs, and top executives discussed the state of the industry and ongoing challenges to breaking down barriers of entry. 

The central message of our Town Hall: Equity in tech is still happening too slowly, and it’s leaving out the large majority of Black and Latinx communities from the jobs, economy, and tech solutions of the next decade. 

You can find the full event recording on our Facebook page.

Ian Brock of DreamHustleCode said it best: “Technology is the future. We need to be able to onboard as many Black and Brown kids into the tech space if we want to have a fair shot at being able to change what’s being created through technology.”

The only way we make lasting change happen is by widening our circles and bringing in more advocates, allies, and partners like you. 

We invite you to get involved with Dream Corps TECH.  Please help support our work by sharing this page with your family, friends, and professional networks invested in building a better future and bringing tech equity to all.

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