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Dream Corps JUSTICE Response to Today’s Justice Dept News/First Step Act

Statement by Dream Corps JUSTICE National Director, Janos Marton:

“Today, the Department of Justice announced that First Step Act Time Credits will be applied to reduce thousands of federal prison sentences, which is great news and points to several reasons for optimism and hope in these challenging times. 

First and foremost, this is life-changing for the thousands of people who will be able to come home from prison sooner and be reunited with their families.

This is a victory for the common sense vision that we should encourage people in prison to invest in themselves through programming. That’s the rehabilitation approach that has enormous support in communities of all backgrounds but is so rarely the reality of prisons in this country. 

This news, coupled with the Justice Department’s recent ruling on allowing home confinement to continue for thousands under the CARES Act, and the resignation of BOP Director Michael Carvajal, suggests that the Biden administration is turning the corner on criminal justice reform, which was a key 2020 campaign promise. .

This progress is a testament to the ongoing collaboration between Senator Dick Durbin and Senator Chuck Grassley. At a time when political rancor drowns out good news, these Senators have worked hard to keep the Senate Judiciary Committee committed to criminal justice reform in a respectful, bipartisan manner. That’s the story of the 2018 First Step Act, and that’s the story of today’s announcement on Time Credits. Dream Corps JUSTICE is hopeful that, through thoughtful collaboration, there is more progress to come on addressing over-incarceration, and the many challenges in the federal prison system.”

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