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Dream Corps Green For All Named Bezos Earth Fund Grant Recipient


Oakland, CA – November 16, 2020– The Bezos Earth Fund has selected the Dream Corps Green For All program to be one of its first grant recipients, committing $10 million multi-year funding to accelerate their work in America’s transition to a more inclusive green economy. Dream Corps Green For All is a national program that works at the intersection of the environmental, economic, and racial justice movements to advance solutions to poverty and pollution. The Bezos Earth Fund grant will bolster efforts to put Americans back to work. It will be used to build a more sustainable future with strong green-economy jobs and wealth-building opportunities for Black and Brown communities. It will also help provide clean economy investments in the neighborhoods that need them most.

“We are very grateful to the Bezos Earth Fund for recognizing the important work we do and choosing Green For All to be one of its first grantees,” said Dream Corps Green For All, National Director Michelle Romero.

“With this funding, we’ll be able to double our capacity to create a future green economy that prioritizes low-income communities and people of color across America who have historically borne the brunt of environmental pollution, but been pushed to the back of the line when it comes to benefiting from solutions.”


Dream Corps Green For All engages and coordinates with partners across the political spectrum to build bipartisan support for solutions that curb climate change while prioritizing directly impacted Americans to build a better, cleaner economy for all. 

About Dream Corps: Dream Corps believes that together we can lead our country to reach its fullest potential. We believe that a future with freedom and dignity for all communities is possible, where everyone has their basic needs met, and we are free and able to pursue our dreams. Dream Corps advances a bipartisan agenda that inspires action, serves justice, and improves people’s lives. Our solutions honor life and amplify the voices of those left behind in the current system. Visit thedreamcorps.org or #GreenForAll to learn more.

Media Contact: Mariah Chinchilla, Communications Manager, [email protected]

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