Dream Corps

We come together each year in March to uplift the voices of people who are formerly incarcerated to confront the crisis of mass incarceration and to work together to repair our criminal justice system. 

The Day of Empathy is the single largest day of action in the criminal justice community. Grassroots organizers from all 50 states meet face-to-face with lawmakers to share their personal stories and lived experiences.

We know that the inability to see ourselves in those who are incarcerated leads to a massive empathy gap. Fortunately, all we need to close that gap is a willing heart. These face-to-face meetings have been the (linchpin) in changing hearts and minds in order to change policy.

In the past three years, these in person meetings have led to state policy changes on issues like dignity for incarcerated women. This year, we want people to discover that even in the midst of a viral pandemic, we can still come together to close the empathy gap, create willing hearts, and continue our work for people who are incarcerated.

On Wednesday, March 25, 2020, #cut50 will host our fourth annual, and first ever virtual, Day of Empathy. The outbreak of COVID-19 may prevent us from coming together in person this year, but it will not stop us from uniting as a community to fight for what we believe in. Online or in-person, there is nothing more urgent than freedom for people who are incarcerated.

#cut50 is committed to empowering people to advocate for policies that ensure the safety, health, and overall well-being of incarcerated individuals  – particularly during a pandemic. This virus reminds us that when we are scared, it is more important than ever to come together to confront a crisis head-on as one, united, global community.

We deeply appreciate the commitment that our Empathy Network, advocates, partners and lawmakers have for our annual Day of Empathy and look forward to engaging with our online community members on March 25th. To participate in an online forum, town hall or learn what our plans are, please visit DayofEmpathy.org.