Dream Corps

Coronavirus hits U.S. prisons, putting imprisoned populations at risk

The prisons themselves are not alone in calling for an implementing swift change. Organizers and activists fighting for the rights of incarcerated people and criminal justice reform have added the preemptive fight against COVID-19 hitting the imprisoned population to their agenda.

Every March, The Dream Corps, founded by Van Jones, leads a mass congregation of people who are formerly incarcerated to confront the crisis of mass incarceration in their “The Day Of Empathy“ initiative. As the current global pandemic prohibits large gatherings, their mission will not be hindered.

The fourth annual “Day Of Empathy” will be a digital day of action. The Dream Corps is also working to pass an economic relief package to assist the most vulnerable. The organization is calling for “adequate planning for preparing jails and prisons for COVID-19 outbreaks and ensure that this especially-vulnerable population is equipped with adequate resources.”

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