Dream Corps

Virtual event centers vulnerability of inmates amid COVID-19, features Martin Luther King III

Bipartisan criminal justice reform and prisoner advocacy group Dream Corps #cut50 planned to hold its annual Day of Empathy events in Memphis and across the nation today. But with COVID-19 and the recent shelter in place orders locally and in many other cities, they had to get creative.

Throughout the day, #cut50 will host free virtual streaming events in 40 states and Canada. In previous years, Day of Empathy events have focused on more general and longstanding justice reform issues and have highlighted the ongoing work of its national, state, and local organizers.

“People, including elected officials, don’t always see the value in enacting policies that support certain groups. Day of Empathy is aimed at developing empathy and support for both currently and formerly incarcerated individuals,” said DeAndre Brown, #cut50’s lead organizer for Tennessee.

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