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#cut50 Passes Four Historic California CJ Bills

#cut50 just made historic progress on criminal justice in California! 

Four #cut50-cosponsored, bipartisan bills protecting our youth and communities were just passed by the California legislature and are making their way to Governor Jerry Brown’s desk. 

SB 394 

Ends the barbaric practice of sentencing children to die in prison under Juvenile Life Without Parole, a method of cruel and unusual punishment which only exists in the United States.

SB 312

Seals more juvenile records, creating opportunities for successfully rehabilitated individuals to become valuable contributors to our society.

AB 1308

Extends the successful Youth Offender Parole Program to people who committed their crime before the age of 25.

SB 395

Protects children by providing them an attorney when they are given their Miranda Rights.

SCR 48

This is an important first step in the long march toward reforming California’s Felony Murder Rule, which treats people with vastly different levels of culpability the same under the law. Data shows that sentencing in Felony Murder cases is highly unequal for people of color and the poor and reforming it would enhance public safety and advance social justice.

Our work is far from over.

We need to continue working to demand fair sentencing in the state of California and nationally. Thank you for standing with us to end mass incarceration and keep our communities safe.

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