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TODAY: Sentencing equality is one phone call away!

Tell Senator Schumer to continue his commitment to criminal justice reform and include the EQUAL Act in the budget bill.

Now is the time to get this bill across the finish line and tell our elected leaders that we are tired of the harmful and costly War on Drugs.

Will you take 2 minutes and call Senator Schumer today?

CALL NOW: 1-202-968-2685

Sample Script:

Hi, my name is [YOUR NAME] and I’m calling from [YOUR CITY/STATE] to urge Senator Schumer to include the EQUAL Act, Senate Bill 79, in the omnibus package.

If the EQUAL Act becomes part of this spending package, this important piece of policy will move forward and help thousands of people of color who have been caught up in the racist and costly War on Drugs.

Please continue to uphold your commitment to criminal justice reform by including the EQUAL ACT in the omnibus package!


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