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Van Jones – Black History Month Playlist

This Black History Month, Dream Corps is honored to uplift the excellence of Black leaders throughout the country advocating for change and reform.

Dream Corps founder, Van Jones is committed to imagining a better world for us all. Whether it starts from behind prison bars, inside classrooms with vulnerable students, or creating pathways to lift communities out of poverty– this Black History Month, Van is sharing some of his favorite songs with hopes you can find a sense of community and motivation from some of the songs that inspire him. 

Check out the eclectic playlist on Spotify below:

“All oppressed people can relate to the feeling of being trapped, labeled, and judged, and Ms. Lauryn Hill brings this to life so beautifully,” Jones says. “A lot of people don’t fully understand or appreciate Prince’s deep love for the Black community or how much of himself he gave to the African-American struggle for freedom.”

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