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Designing an Equitable Cap and Invest Policy for Transportation

An Equity Toolkit for the Transportation and Climate Initiative

The Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI), a collaboration of 12 states and Washington D.C. across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region, is designing a regional cap-and-invest program to curb transportation sector emissions across the region.

Our policy recommendations are aligned with the Policy Design Principles for an Equitable Clean Transportation Program, which were delivered to the Transportation and Climate Initiative on July 26, 2019. The principles were co-developed by national environmental equity groups and community-based organizations with input from over a dozen racial justice, economic justice, environmental justice, and transit justice organizations.

This toolkit builds upon those principles to provide detailed policy recommendations and resources for developing a regional cap-and-invest policy. It provides guidance to state agencies, legislators, advocates, community members, and other critical stakeholders to design a program that is responsive to the needs of low-income families, disproportionately pollution-impacted neighborhoods, and transit-underserved communities.

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