Dream Corps

Episode: “Small Town Reckoning”

In the Redemption Project episode “Small Town Reckoning”, Van Jones travels to the small rural community of Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, to meet with Michelle Walter, a mother whose son Nathan was killed in a tragic car accident. Michelle, a local teacher who has seen most of the young people in this tiny community circle through her classroom, immediately recognized the young man who killed her son.  Thomas Johnston was under the influence of heroin when he fatally hit Nathan on the side of the road. Van dives deeply into the world of Opioid addiction in the Midwest and learns the motivation for Michelle and Thomas to sit down together at Thompson Correctional Facility.  Thomas struggles with how to apologize for his actions.  Michelle wants to make sure that Thomas truly embraces sobriety and accepts responsibility, but she also struggles with her faith and the concept of forgiveness. 

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