Dream Corps

Episode: “Officer Down”

In the Redemption Project episode “Officer Down”, Van Jones travels to Bakersfield, CA to meet with Thomas Morgan, a former sheriff who was shot in the neck and left to die while responding to a call in 1997.  Tom and his wife Christy have struggled for years to come to terms with the attack and the implications it had on their lives.  Twenty years after the incident, Tom wants to meet with Jason Samuel, who was the 17-year-old gang member who pulled the trigger.  At San Quentin State Prison, Van meets Jason to understand how his life has changed during two decades of incarceration and his reason for agreeing to sit down with Tom.  Through their story — a white police officer and the young African American man who tried to take his life — Van will explore tensions between law enforcement and marginalized communities that persist today and look at how the principles of restorative justice can help.

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