Dream Corps

Episode: “My Mother’s Murder”

In the Redemption Project episode: “My Mother’s Murder”, Van Jones meets with Mariah Lucas in Los Angeles, a 25-year-old mother of three whose own mother was murdered when Mariah was a toddler. Armed with a ton of unanswered questions about that night, Mariah wrote to Jason Clark, the man who stabbed her mom in a drug-fueled dispute over money. The harm caused by her mom’s death was profound and life without a mother figure had lasting effects on Mariah and her family, most of whom do not support her desire to sit down face-to-face with Jason.  Mariah’s letter stunned Jason who had recently been granted parole by the state of California after serving 23 years behind bars. For Jason, the emotional impact of the dialogue could complicate an already challenging re-entry into society.

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