Dream Corps

Episode: “Drive by Death”

In the Redemption Project episode “Drive by Death”, Van Jones travels to Oakland, the city he once called home, to meet with Donald Lacy, an activist and comedian whose 16-year-old daughter, LoEshé, was murdered two decades ago in a gang-related shooting.  For years, Donald has had nagging questions about what really happened the night of the incident, and he wants to meet with the man who took his daughter’s life to find out the answers.  Christopher Smith was a 16-year-old gang member when he and three others fired over 40 rounds of ammunition into the van in which LoEshé was sitting.  For the past two years both men have been preparing to meet face-to-face behind the walls of San Quentin, California’s oldest prison.  Through their journey and dialogue, Van discovers the depths of a father’s love; the circumstances surrounding an aimless teenager’s fateful decision; and the power of redemption.

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