Dream Corps

Episode: “Death of an American Dream”

In the Redemption Project episode: “Death of an American Dream”, Van Jones travels to Indiana, to meet with Mario Jr. and Aldo Gonzalez.  Their father, Mario Gonzalez-Tello, a 72-year-old Peruvian immigrant, was shot and killed when he tried to stop a robbery in-progress.  Because of his actions, he was heralded as a hero in his Indianapolis community.  Dominique Staten was a 16-year-old football star when he pulled the trigger.  For the past 10 years Dominique has been incarcerated at a maximum-security prison and has been reliving the details of the crime.  For over a decade, Aldo and Mario have been haunted by questions about what really happened that night and want to meet with Dominique to see if he’s a changed man.  But the search for answers is one of the only things the brothers have in common; their approach to the dialogue is quite different and the stress leading up to it finds one of them questioning the process.

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