Dream Corps

Episode: “A Mother’s Justice”

In the Redemption Project episode “A Mother’s Justice”, Van Jones heads to Alaska, the last frontier, to witness the first ever dialogue between a victim and an offender in the history of the Alaskan prison system.  Terria Walters, a mother whose son Christopher, was killed in a drug deal gone bad wants to meet with Joshua Beebe, a former heroin dealer convicted for murder and serving a 60-year sentence at Spring Creek Correctional Center. Van sees firsthand the progressive approach that Spring Creek and its warden are taking with the rehabilitation of offenders and looks at the cyclical nature of drug use and incarceration.  Joshua’s addiction began in prison during his first incarceration, years before the murder.  Terria, who knows firsthand the consequences of addiction, wants Joshua to not only take accountability for his actions, but also wants the cycle of addiction and violence to stop with him. 

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