Dream Corps


Black text on a white background reading: "pwc Charitable Foundation Inc". Above the text is a warm colored emblem.
Navy blue letters reading: Cisco. Above the text are navy blue lines making up the Golden Gate Bridge.
A rectangle outlined in orange, silver, and yellow next to company name: Optum.
Target's logo: a small red circle in the center of a larger white circle, outlined by a larger red circle.
A taco with the text: "Techqueria" overlaid on top.
Fat, red letters reading: CI&T. The letters C, I, and T are colored red, the ampersand is half turquoise, half red.


Dream Corps TECH Community Partnership

Dream Corps TECH Corporate Partnership

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Dream Corps TECH is a national program providing in-demand industry skills development and placement opportunities to top talent in communities of color. To learn about our full suite of program offerings, sign up to receive more information.

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