Dream Corps

Mentor and engage learners in the classroom by working together with other instructors, all while building up your personal teaching network.

Role Overview

Part-time Teaching Assistants support the class section Instructor’s delivery of course curriculum, facilitate learning, and are responsible for contributing to an outstanding learning experience for the students in their class section. Trilogy Teaching Assistants (TAs) possess strong technical competencies and bring a passion for sharing knowledge and positively impacting students lives.

Position Responsibilities

  • Prior to the class Start Date, participate in pre-field learning & development training, lesson rehearsals, and complete related pre-work.
  • Support the class session instructional process and facilitating student learning.
  • Manage the grading of student assignments/projects and proving formative feedback.
  • Share any related real-world industry experience, allowing students to make meaningful connections.
  • Take a student-centric approach in every interaction.

Position Expectations

Facilitating Adult Learning

  • Attend all class sessions and be available during all scheduled Office Hours.
    • Classes sessions meet 3 times per week for 24 weeks (10 hours/week of class instruction, with classes typically scheduled in the evenings and on one weekend day).  
    • Office Hours are held before and after every class session (45-minutes before and 30-minutes after class sessions).
    • In the event of an unavoidable absence due to an emergency, religious holiday, or unexpected scheduling conflict, the Part-time Teaching Assistant must notify the local Student Success Manager. 
  • Monitor student concerns and inquiries, and be the first point of contact for student questions regarding the course curriculum and the learning process.  

Making Data-Driven Decisions

  • Part-time Teaching Assistants report directly to the local market Student Success Managers (SSM) and support the Instructors assigned to the class section.
  • Teaching Assistants may meet with the class section Instructional Team and SSMs to review student progress, feedback, and class section learning analytics.

Creating a Productive Learning Environment

  • Foster one-on-one relationships with students to build knowledge and skills.
  • Collaborate with instructional team members to best meet student needs.

Building Your Content Knowledge

  • Invest adequate time to prepare for class sessions with students.

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