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Our Programs: Corporate Cohorts

Dream Corps TECH accelerates access to training in high-demand technical and non-technical skills to prepare untapped talent to enter the tech-fueled economy. We are building a diverse pipeline of ‘homegrown’ tech talent to meet demand and boost local economies. Dream Corps TECH acts as a connector and catalyst, providing backbone infrastructure that amplifies the work of our network partners. 
Dream Corps TECH is providing in-demand industry skills development and placement opportunities to top Talent in communities of color.

So Far

Dream Corps TECH has graduated 5 cohorts, providing 102 students with coding certifications and job skills training, with plans to expand to more states in 2021-2022.


On average, a Dream Corps TECH cohort graduate had a $40K increase in annual salary. Graduates have been hired at top companies such as Infor, Google, Facebook, and Intuit.

Recent Cohorts

2022 Applause Cohort

2021 Applause Cohort

2021 Target Cohorts

2021 Hubspot Re-Entry Cohort

2021 Optum Cohort

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Corporate Cohort Case Study: GenOne

GenOne was a partnership between Dream Corps, Dream Corps TECH, and Infor’s Education Alliance Program, designed to provide in-demand industry skills development and placement opportunities to top talent in underrepresented communities of color.

Program Design

The initial GenOne program consisted of two tracks: tech and sales. Participants in the tech track learned skills and received experiences geared towards the roles of associate development operations engineer, associate software engineer, and customer success manager. Sales track students’ training and experiences were geared toward the roles of business development rep, inside sales rep, and associate solution consultant.

Curriculum Options

Data Analytics & Science

Designed to support informed decision making from a basic business intelligence perspective, this track encourages improved operational efficiency, optimized marketing campaigns and customer service efforts while enabling students to respond more quickly to emerging market trends. Dream Corps TECH’s Data Analytics & Science course provides students with the knowledge, skills, and expertise to turn data into insights to make actionable recommendations to improve processes and drive company growth. Students enrolled in this course generally have an interest in careers such as: Data Science, Business Intelligence Analytics, Database Development, Data Engineering, Statistical Programming Specialist, or Data Security Administration.

UX/UI Design

With the Dream Corps TECH UX/UI Design course, students will learn to build evocative, intriguing user-centric designs exposing them to the skill sets of the modern age UX/UI Designer. Students will combine their prototyping and development experience with creative ingenuity to provide for better customer experiences. Students focused on this track generally have an interest in careers such as: UX Developer, UX Researcher, UX Designer, UX Strategist, or UX Product Manager.

Cyber Security

The Dream Corps TECH Cyber Security track provides students with the key foundational components of IT networking and modern information security. Supported by the computing, systems, and browser security coursework, students also have the option to receive additional training towards certifications like Security+, Network+, and CISSP. With these additional certifications, students are more likely to pursue careers like IT Security Engineer, IT Consultants, Information Assurance Analyst, and Security Systems Administrator.

Al/Machine Learning

Machine learning is the science of getting computers to act without being explicitly programmed. It has become so prevalent today that we use it and do not even realize it. In the Dream Corps TECH course, students will get an introduction to machine learning, data mining, and statistical pattern recognition. Students focused on this track generally have an interest in careers such as Machine Learning Engineer, Applied Science, Software
Engineer, AI Software Engineer, Machine Learning Data Scientist, and AI/ML Platform Engineer.

Web Development

Geared towards developing websites for hosting via intranet or internet, Dream Corps TECH’s Web Development course combines front-end, back-end, and holistic training for students looking to attain software development roles. This track supports the development process including but not limited to: web design, web content development, client-side/server-side scripting, and network security configuration. This track supports students looking to pursue careers as Software Engineers, Front End Developers, Product Managers, Java Developers, Web Developers, Application Developers, and Quality Assurance Engineers.

App Development

In this Dream Corps TECH track, students will not only learn the basics of applications development from both an iOS/Swift perspective and an Android perspective, but they will also leave this track knowledgeable and have produced apps for both platforms. Students that have an interest in this course generally pursue careers as: Software Engineers, Mobile App Developers, Android Engineers, Android Developers, Mobile Engineers, Tech Lead (Mobile Apps), or Platform Engineers.

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