Dream Corps

At 9 AM PT // 12 PM ET on Wednesday, March 25th, advocates across North America will go live on social media to take the Empathy Pledge in solidarity with our incarcerated community members – especially as they face a high risk of danger in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Here’s how to join us and take the pledge LIVE!

  1. Get ready to go live from Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.
  2. Set up your post! Here’s a sample post: I’m taking the #EmpathyPledge on this #DayofEmpathy in solidarity with my neighbors behind bars. I call on [tag a friend] to pledge with me and choose empathy over fear & hate. thedreamcorps.org/empathy-pledge
  3. Tag @cut_50 on Twitter, and @cut50 on Facebook and Instagram.
  4. At 9 AM PT // 12 PM ET, go live and take the pledge below:

The Empathy Pledge

I pledge to be a positive influence on my friends, family, and community.

I promise to listen with an open heart, without judgment.

I give my word to speak with sincerity and kindness.

When I am challenged, I will see the humanity in others.

I commit to recognizing and checking my privileges.

I understand that we come from different backgrounds.

I vow to pay attention to our societal needs.

I will choose love when things get hard.

I pledge to choose empathy.

We are building empathy amongst millions of people across the nation. Join the movement and stand with those impacted by the criminal justice system. 

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