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Our Programs: Dignity for Incarcerated Women

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Our Programs: Dignity for Incarcerated Women

The Challenge

Women are now the fastest-growing population behind bars. Over the last 30 years, the number of women in prison has skyrocketed by 700%. Most women behind bars are incarcerated for low-level crimes that could better be addressed by counseling and drug treatment, not incarceration.

While bipartisan reforms have rippled across the country, the needs of currently and formerly incarcerated women have been ignored.

Pregnant women are forced to give birth in shackles, endangering both them and their children.

Most women in prison are sexual assault survivors, yet male guards strip search them and supervise them in showers.

80% of women in prison are mothers, yet they are sent hundreds of miles from their children, making it impossible to visit.

Women are denied adequate hygiene items, forcing them to purchase items at exorbitant cost or go without.

We’re working to change all of that.

15+ States, 30,000+ Women

Our Dignity Campaign, led by formerly incarcerated women, has successfully changed policies in 15 states impacting a total of 30,128 incarcerated women.


Taking Action Across the Country

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Take Action

Tell your elected officials to improve the condition of confinement for incarcerated women in federal and state prisons across the country! 


It’s time to do something about the horrendous abuses committed against women behind bars every day. Dream Corps JUSTICE is leading a campaign to restore Dignity to tens of thousands of incarcerated women. We need all the support we can get. Please consider making a donation today.

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