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Our Programs: Day of Empathy 2020

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Our Programs: Day of Empathy 2020

2020 marked the fourth annual Day of Empathy, and the first ever event to take place entirely online. The COVID-19 pandemic posed enormous challenges to pulling off our largest yearly Day of Action, but our mission proved greater than our fear.

The Day of Empathy is about bringing people directly impacted by the criminal justice system face-to-face with those who hold the power to change it. Despite being unable to share physical space with one another, 21 current and former elected officials held virtual conversations with Empathy Network members – all of which were live streamed across social media, ultimately reaching 200 million people.

The Coronavirus (and no virus for that matter) can ever overcome the empathy that we have for our brothers and sisters who are serving time in prison.

Amy Povah, can-do clemency

On this year’s Day of Empathy, we…

  • hosted 18 virtual events
  • in two countries
  • featuring 21 current or former elected officials
  • that engaged celebrities & icons including Kim Kardashian, Demi Lovato, Martin Luther King III, Alyssa Milano, David Arquette, & more
  • and reached 200 million people.


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