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Our Programs: Community Reintegration Credits

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Our Programs: Community Reintegration Credits

Current California law allows people to be placed on lifetime parole. There are over 45,000 people in California on parole facing barriers to reentry. No one on parole can travel outside of a 50-mile radius without permission and are only able to do so for prosocial reasons (not including work or school). Transferring parole from one county to another can be nearly impossible, therefore individuals on parole who are seeking to transfer into a different county for work, school, etc. can be denied the transfer.


  • June 3rd 2020 – AB 2342 passed out of the Assembly Appropriations Committee and is headed to the Assembly floor!
  • May 19th 2020 – AB 2342 passed out of the Assembly Public Safety Committee and heads to the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

Why it’s important

Community Reintegration Credits ensures that people on parole are encouraged to proactively engage in their communities and successfully reenter back into society. By incentivizing people on parole to continue their rehabilitation through education, self-help programs, volunteering, and staying disciplinary-free, we are promoting public safety through their success – sending a message that says we want individuals on parole to succeed and we want to recognize their achievements.


  • Credits will be awarded to the individuals that earn educational credits and degrees reducing their time on parole. 
  • Credits will be awarded for those participating in voluntary drug-treatment programs and performing community service also serve important reintegration goals.
  • For work or school purposes the 50 mile radius restriction will no longer apply.

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