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Our Programs: 2022 State Campaigns

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Our Programs: 2022 State Campaigns

Dream Corps JUSTICE aims to not only push for reform on the federal level, but the state level too. These efforts will be led by our Empathy Network Leaders – systems impacted advocates committed to sharing their stories and working directly with lawmakers on policy solutions that will transform justice in their states.

Here’s a preview of the state legislation we’re working on in 2022 with our Empathy Network Leaders:

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Since 2017, Dream Corps JUSTICE’s Dignity for Incarcerated Women Campaign, led by formerly incarcerated women, has improved the living conditions for more than 30,000 women incarcerated in 12 states. Now, we’re looking to advocate for incarcerated women in Pennsylvania in 2022.

If you live in Pennsylvania, click here to sign our petition!

Statistics have shown that when employers are allowed to ask about a candidate’s criminal history, applicants with a criminal record are usually the first to be rejected — regardless of their skills or relevant qualifications. The good news is that, in many parts of the country, the checkbox or “box” is no longer allowed. Unfortunately, Arkansas is not one of them. 

With our “Ban the Box” Campaign, Dream Corps JUSTICE aims to end this discriminatory hiring practice in the state of Arkansas. 

If you live in Arkansas, sign Dream Corps JUSTICE’s petition urging lawmakers in Arkansas to “Ban the Box.”

The Informant Reliability Act, will address the injustice of wrongful convictions based on lying under oath and false accusations, a primary factor in 60% of all exonerations, by creating transparency and establishing sensible regulations for how  informant testimony is used and tracked.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for ways you can plug into this campaign and take action! 

Criminal records live on well after a person has done their time, functioning as a penalty that follows people forever as they navigate a world in which meaningful opportunities for growth and self-improvement are rarely afforded to them. 

If passed, AB 69 would expand eligibility for the expungement of past criminal records and begin chipping away at the vast array of obstacles constructed to lock people with past convictions out of the mainstream privileges of life. 

Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for ways you can take action and help us get this legislation passed.

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