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Our Programs: Green Jobs for Justice-Involved People

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Our Programs: Green Jobs for Justice-Involved People

In 2011, Green For All worked with the members of our National Working Group on Green Re-entry to develop a groundbreaking report highlighting a unique opportunity to transition people from prisons and jails into sustainable careers in a burgeoning green economy. Nearly ten years later, Dream Corps and its programs Dream Corps Green For All, Dream Corps JUSTICE, and Dream Corps TECH are working across silos and geographies to break the cycle of recidivism, close prison doors, and open doors of opportunity in the green economy and technology for people of color and low-income communities across the country.

Recently, Green For All teamed up with UCLA’s Institute of Environment and Sustainability (IoES) to produce Facilitating Reentry of Justice-Involved Individuals into the Workforce, an updated examination of new opportunities and challenges to unlock employment prospects for people returning to communities after incarceration.

Based on extensive interviews with reentry programs, employers, unions, and formerly incarcerated individuals, the report provides a set of key recommendations on best practices and policies to reduce barriers to employment and sustainable livelihoods. 

Our fact sheet builds off of these case studies and best practices to inform policymaking at the federal, state, and local levels.

As a society, we have over-invested in criminal justice and dirty fuels, and under-invested in Black and Brown communities.

Environmental racism means these communities suffer the most from pollution and the climate crisis, while often benefiting the least from the growing clean economy. But what would it look like if we connected justice-involved people, those who have been arrested, convicted and/or incarcerated, to apprenticeship programs, job training and job placement in the green economy?

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Policy Recommendations: Economic Recovery through Inclusive Green Job Opportunities

Our policy document provides actionable steps that Congress, local state and city governments and employers can take to put millions of people back to work in good paying green jobs, advances the United States’ transition to clean energy, and taps into the underutilized skills and resources of justice-involved people through significant investment in green jobs training.

Inclusive Federal Investment: Include and incentivize the hiring of people who were formerly incarcerated in federal programs and investments.

Green Jobs Curriculum In Anti-Recidivism Programming: Increase funding and expand the scope of anti-recidivism programming, such as programs included in the Second Chance Act, to include green jobs training and job placement.

Fund Wrap-Around Supportive Services: Fund wrap-around services that support a holistic approach to reentry including housing, childcare, job placement and mental health.

Expand Program Reach, Particularly In Rural Communities: Expand the geographic reach of federally funded programs to adequately serve formerly incarcerated people and benefit rural communities.

Remove Unnecessary Job Restrictions: Dismantle statutory, regulatory and employer-based restrictions that limit the types of jobs returning people can have.


The Moving Forward Act is a more than $1.5 trillion federal proposal to rebuild American infrastructure and invest in workers and communities across the country.

Nearly 40% of Americans live within three miles of a port, which puts them at higher risk of breathing toxic air pollution from diesel trucks, ships, trains, and cargo equipment. This legislation would move our ports into the 21st century by implementing zero-emissions technologies that reduce pollution while also creating good jobs for surrounding communities, including for people who are locked out of the high-wage jobs of the future simply because of their criminal record.

The Moving Forward Act is the bold roadmap we need to jumpstart a clean energy economy and tackle environmental injustice. The bill has passed the House, and face an uphill battle in the Senate, make sure your Senators hear from you.


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