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Our Programs: Climate Storytelling Academy

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Our Programs: Climate Storytelling Academy

About Our Academy

In the Fall of 2019, we launched our inaugural Climate Storytellers Academy to train 18 people impacted by climate change to harness their story and become more effective messengers. Thanks to the support of the Roy and Patricia Disney Foundation, we have been able to integrate empathy-based storytelling and communications into our work in new ways. 

While the need for climate reform has become a national discussion, it has been a polarizing one. Recent coverage hasn’t left space for impacted community members to meaningfully contribute. Their stories and experiences in the face of climate change aren’t being centered. Therefore, we set off to pilot a Climate Storytelling Academy that would bring together a diverse, multi-generational cohort of directly impacted people, to evolve the national narrative. 

The Academy consisted of six weeks of training and story development to help people learn how to harness the power of their story and tell it in a way that could captivate and shape hearts and minds. Participants joined weekly calls and had one on one sessions from a team of coaches comprised of environmental justice writers and storytellers, coming from communities of color as well as indigenous and queer communities.

Meet Our Climate Storytellers

Tori Griffin

Climate Storyteller

In the News

Read the latest coverage from our Climate Storytellers and Climate Storytelling Coach.

Storytelling does and will play a crucial role in whether humanity rises to meet the emergency of the climate crisis, but we also need committed industry change in production culture values and practices.

Aaron Ableman, Climate Storytelling Academy Coach & Hunter Vaughan; A New Environmental Standard For Hollywood

Yes, climate change is a crisis, and yes, there’s reason to feel distraught and anxious over that. But as young people, we also have complex lives and the ability to care both about the world and ourselves all at the same time.

Rozina Kanchwala, Climate Storyteller; “Dating with Climate Anxiety During the Apocalypse

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