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Our Programs: Safe Transit

As conversations about defunding police departments are happening in cities across the country, we also need to challenge ourselves to tackle other systems that have also failed to adequately serve communities of color, including transportation. Communities of color are disproportionately impacted by transportation sector emissions, and underserved by public transit.

To eradicate systemic and institutional racism, we must stop perpetuating harm with decisions that disregard the needs of people of color, and proactively reinvest financial resources into solutions that increase opportunity, like clean and equitable public transportation

~ Michelle Romero, National Director of Green For All

Watch the Transit Equity Town Hall

In this Town Hall we explored the crucial link between racial equity, economic equity, and transit equity. Our powerhouse panelists discussed the history of inequitable transportation decisions across the U.S., the impact that public transit has on access to economic opportunity, and how policymakers and transit agencies can improve access and affordability for transit-dependent riders now and after COVID-19.

Safe Transit Issue Brief

The Securing Safe Transit issue brief provides a snapshot of how transit agencies have adjusted their policies during COVID-19 and offers insight from interviews conducted with transit justice groups, labor unions, and transit agencies across the country regarding the needs and challenges transit riders and workers are currently facing. The issue brief includes specific policy recommendations that transit agencies and federal actors can implement to ensure the health and safety of riders and workers while ensuring reliable, affordable, and equitable service now and into the future.

Securing Safe Transit: Before and After COVID-19

Read our Issue Brief

Policy Recommendations

The issue brief provides actionable steps that Congress, federal agencies, and transit agencies can take to ensure safe transit for riders and workers. The issue brief outlines key solutions for transit agencies in the following categories: access and affordability, public health, environmental health, labor protections, and community engagement. The brief also identifies policies that federal agencies and Congress can adopt to ensure that transit agencies have both the clear public health guidance and funding needed to ensure safe, equitable transit is possible. Both short term solutions to protect riders and workers from COVID-19 and longer term solutions to promote electrification and equitable access to public transit are needed.

Add your Voice for Transit Funding

It’s clear we need a transit system that is better than before. To get there, Congress must invest $32 billion to protect riders and workers and keep transit running through 2021. Tell your senators to be a transit champion!

Take the #SafeTransit Pledge

We need to build a movement of transit workers, riders, and supporters of public transit, dedicated to ensuring our communities have access to economic opportunities and are safe from COVID-19 and air pollution. 

Take the #SafeTransit pledge and join the movement for safe, reliable, and equitable transportation.

When you take the pledge you’ll be joining thousands of others who are helping grow the national conversation on the importance of public transit for our society. We will continue to share ways you can support a public transportation system that is better than before: one that is safe, reliable, and equitable.

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Special Thanks

Interview Participants: Active Transportation Alliance, Amalgamated Transit Union Locals 241, 425, and International, Baltimore Transit Equity Coalition, City Heights Community Development Corporation, Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund, Houston Metro, Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability, Miami Riders Alliance, Philly Transit Riders Union, Pittsburghers for Public Transit, Public Advocates, Riders Alliance New York, RIDE New Orleans, SF Transit Riders, SMART Union, Transit Workers Union of America, Transit Matters, Transport Hartford Academy at the Center for Latino Progress, Tri-State Transportation Campaign, US PIRG, and Worcester Regional Transit Authority.

Funders: Wend Collective and Heising-Simons Foundation

Copy Editors: Molly Brodsky and Cricket Crawshaw 

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