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Our Programs: Clean Energy Sector

What You Need to Know About the Clean Energy Sector

What is clean energy?  An energy source that is less harmful to the environment like the sun, water, or plants.

Examples of clean energy:

  • Solar – energy from the sun
  • Hydroelectric – energy from water
  • Wind power – energy from wind
  • Bioenergy – energy from biomass, a plant-based material
  • Geothermal – energy from steam within the earth’s crust

What is the clean energy sector?

A subsection of the energy sector that focuses on building and distributing clean energy technology, products, and services and using clean energy to power communities.

The clean energy sector is growing. According to the U.S. labor department, there are not enough workers in this industry to keep up with new projects on clean energy. That’s why there is an increasing number of new, well-paying jobs that require skilled workers who don’t need a college degree.

The clean energy sector requires jobs across multiple sectors including:

  • Policy and Planning
  • Research
  • Engineering
  • Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Operations
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Education
  • Campaign Mobilization, and Communication

Black and Brown communities are often the ones hurt first and worst by pollution and climate change.

That’s why we need more people in underserved and overburdened neighborhoods in good-paying green jobs. Everything that’s good for the planet is a job, a contract, a business opportunity. Green jobs put people to work in great careers where they can help make their own communities cleaner places to live.

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