Dream Corps

It’s no secret that the green economy is a job-creator.

Solar installer and wind turbine technicians are two of the fastest growing jobs in America. We have a tremendous opportunity to put the people who need the work with the work that needs to get done to build  a more sustainable future for all.

Everything that is good for the planet is a job, a contract, a business opportunity.

Van Jones

But green jobs must be good jobs.

Green infrastructure investments must be tied to fair labor and workforce standards, supplier diversity, and other economic measures that offer economic pathways out of poverty too. That is the only way to solve poverty and pollution together.

What we’re doing about it

Green For All teamed up with UCLA’s Institute of Environment and Sustainability (IoES)  to produce Facilitating Reentry of Justice-Involved Individuals into the Workforce, a detailed report that provides an overview of the growing green jobs sector and a review of barriers and opportunities for reentry populations into these jobs. In our fact sheet we provide actionable steps that Congress, local state and city governments and employers can take to put millions of people back to work in good paying green jobs, and tap into the underutilized skills and resources of justice-involved people through significant investment in green jobs training.

Take Action

The Moving Forward Act is a more than $1.5 trillion federal proposal to rebuild American infrastructure and invest in workers and communities across the country.

If passed, it would create millions of local jobs while putting the U.S. on a path toward zero carbon emissions, making communities and roads safer, and addressing long-standing disparities in transportation.

The House bill promotes green energy and efficiency projects that adopt high-road labor practices. Now, we need it to pass the Senate. 

Group of solar workers celebrate after installing a new solar panel

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