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Our Programs: #FuelChange Videos

About #FuelChange Campaign

Green For All’s #FuelChange campaign is mobilizing a movement of people across the country to fight climate change and improve health by bringing zero-emission electric cars, trucks, and buses to underserved neighborhoods. We use music, art, & education to reach impacted communities who’ve traditionally been left out of the climate conversation and develop local leaders to take action in their own neighborhoods.

#FuelChange Anthem

#FuelChange Behind the Music

Meet the #FuelChange Anthem Artists

Nehemiah Vaughn

Nehemiah Vaughn is 18 years old and grew up in Oakland, CA. In school, he was unable to play sports to the level he wanted because he suffered from asthma, which he speaks about in his lyrics. He hopes to end poverty and pollution through his music.

Cyarra Brown

Cyarra Brown is known for her positive outlook on life, and the determination she has when it comes to music is always a breath of fresh air. She is the sister of 5 brothers and grew up in New Bedford, MA. Cyarra hopes to travel the world singing and spreading positive messages that others can relate to through her music.

Nashon Da Bomb

Nashon Da Bomb is a 20-year-old singer/rapper/songwriter from New Bedford, MA. Nashon’s whole life has been music oriented, BUT He didn’t start making his own songs until he participated in a Hip-Hop Club taught by Tem Blessed. He hopes his lyrics will let people know you don’t need to be powerful to still change things. The world needs us all to take care of it, so this is a joint venture to fix the future.

Warren Dickson of 3rd Rock Hip Hop

Warren Dickson of 3rd Rock Hip-Hop is a Hip-Hop artist from Watts, CA. He has worked with people such as Grammy Award Winning producer Cory Rooney & DJ Pooh. In 2014, he partnered with artists Archie Hill & Rhonda Phillips to help build a Hip-Hop based, environmental education company called 3rd Rock Hip-Hop. Their goal is to help bring the message of sustainability to the inner city and to bring the Hip-Hop culture to the Green community.

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