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Our Programs: Green For All Business Council

Green For All Business Council

Together the Green For All Business Council will work to transform the face of the green sector  by uplifting Black and Brown entrepreneurs, creating innovative solutions, and building cross-sector collaborative efforts.

About The Green For All Business Council:

Green For All Business Council: Founding Members

The Green For All Business Council consists of Black and Brown clean energy and green sector business leaders across the United States that are at the forefront of clean tech innovation and are paving the way towards a more inclusive and equitable green economy. Our goal is to work together to remove existing barriers and unlock opportunities for Black and Brown-owned green businesses and entrepreneurs.

We plan to:

Increase the visibility of Black and Brown green innovators and business leaders through media, communications, and narrative change efforts.

Organize strategic convening and networking opportunities to increase deal flow and contracting with & among diverse companies.

Develop and pursue a joint solutions agenda to unlock funding and investment opportunities for Black and Brown-owned green businesses.

Partner on green job training and workforce development needs to bring more people of color into the green sector

Green For All Business Council Takes on Black Future Weekend

Meet the Founding Members of the Green For All Business Council

Gilbert Campbell – CEO, Volt Energy Utility

Gilbert Campbell is the Founder and CEO of Volt Energy Utility, a national minority-owned utility-scale solar development firm. The company pioneered the first-ever Environmental Justice Power Purchase Agreement, striking a deal with Microsoft on 250 megawatts of utility-scale solar with a portion of the revenue going to support environmental health and economic justice programmes in urban and rural communities disproportionately affected by pollution and climate change. The partnership also represents the first utility-scale solar deal with a Black-owned firm and a Fortune 500 company.

Gilbert’s passion is driving inclusion in the clean energy sector by providing STEM education and outreach opportunities for young people across the country. Gilbert has been nationally recognized for his efforts. He had the distinction of being recognized during President Obama’s administration, and in 2016, he received the White House Champions of Change Award for his leadership in advancing climate change equity.

Volt Energy’s LinkedIn & Website / Gilbert’s LinkedIn

Mina McCullom – President & CEO, SynEnergy

Mina McCullom is the President and CEO of SynEnergy, an engineering firm that focuses on Mechanical and Electrical Engineering for high-performance buildings.  SynEnergy projects include large infrastructure owners, such as International Airports, Department of Defense, Data Centers, Laboratories, and multifamily developments. McCullom, a trained rocket scientist, is on the frontier of making large infrastructure buildings more energy-efficient, including the Denver Airport’s Great Hall Renovation – one of the largest vertical construction projects in North America. 

With significant years of experience in project management, business development and mechanical engineering, Mina brings her unique understanding of multidisciplinary expertise to deliver efficient building-systems solutions to projects from concept phase to execution. Mina has remained active in the academic community as well, having taught Building Performance Institute coursework for the Energy Efficiency Department at Red Rocks Community College which trained students in industry approved techniques for energy audits; she has also conducted extensive research on building envelopes and their impact on energy efficiency.

SynEnergy’s LinkedIn & Website / Mina’s LinkedIn

Dexter Turner – CEO, OpConnect

Dexter Turner is Co-Founder and CEO of OpConnect, a payment processing, and energy management platform for Electric Vehicle charging. His vision is to accelerate the adoption of EV’s by deploying AI-driven charging solutions for fleets and multi-family properties that minimize charging costs, protect the power grid, and incorporate onsite solar and battery storage. Dexter is democratizing access to electric vehicles with charging operations in 19 U.S. states and Canada and growing. 

Dexter has a strong history of leading the electric transportation and software industry. He explores his strengths in Smart Grid, Systems Engineering, Software Design, and growing Early-stage Startups. He has been awarded 4 patents around EV charging and access control technology with 3 additional patent applications outstanding.

OpConnect’s LinkedIn & Website / Dexter’s LinkedIn

Reginald Parker – CEO, Optimal Technology

Reginald Parker is the CEO and Founder of Optimal Technology Corporation, a hardware as a service company that is on the cutting edge of solar technology. He has made solar 21 times faster to install and up to 40% cheaper. Using dual access trackers, his solar tech has achieved an efficiency of 42.3%, beating the gold industry standard of 21% efficiency. 

With over 25 years of experience in technology design and management, his company has developed more than a dozen clean energy and manufacturing technologies, commercialized material and renewable energy technologies, and optimized manufacturing processes and products. A former university professor at Morehouse, FAMU, FSU, and UND for 8 years, Dr. Parker has distinguished himself as a thought leader in business, engineering, and commercialization.

Optimal Tech’s LinkedIn & Website / Reg’s LinkedIn

Anthony Kinslow II – CEO, Gemini Energy Solutions

Anthony Kinslow II, Ph.D., is the CEO of Gemini Energy Solutions, and a leader in equitable energy efficiency deployment, implementing strategies to overcome cultural and socio-economic barriers that prevent most Americans from becoming aware of and engaged in energy efficiency. Gemini focuses on equitably accelerating and scaling energy efficiency, electrification and decarbonization in small commercial buildings using a community-based, people-powered and partnership-driven approach.

Anthony seeks to bring sustainability to underserved markets in a meaningful way to people’s everyday lives while mitigating climate change. Through Gemini, Anthony has created a vehicle to engage, educate, and energize underrepresented minority communities and the underserved small commercial building market in energy efficiency. Gemini partners with municipalities, HBCUs, and community-based organizations from San Francisco to Miami.

Gemini Energy Solutions’ LinkedIn & Website / Anthony’s LinkedIn

Ron DeLyons – CEO, Creekwood Energy

Ron DeLyons has been the CEO of Creekwood Energy, cleantech integrator and renewable energy asset developer, owner, and operator in the U.S since 2004. DeLyons has been a trailblazer of solutions for a more sustainable world while expanding employment and second-chance hiring opportunities for veterans and people returning home from prison. Whether focused on modernizing infrastructure, meeting net-zero goals, reducing costs, or creating energy security and resiliency, Creekwood’s customers benefit from a single provider of energy solutions. Sustainability services include upgrades to facility energy infrastructure and the development, construction, financing, and operation of renewable energy generation facilities.

DeLyons is a business and finance executive with over 30 years’ experience as an entrepreneur and has successfully founded, developed, invested in and sold several private companies; many of which were Minority Business Enterprises.

Creekwood Energy’s LinkedIn & Website / Ron’s LinkedIn

Robert Kabera – President & COO, Sync Energy AI

Robert Kabera is the co-founder and COO at Sync Energy AI, the leading power outage prediction firm in the United States. Sync’s predictive grid failure analytics tool visualizes all vulnerabilities on the electric grid, ahead of time. He is a Stanford University trained engineer and was named to the 2018 Global US Forbes Under 30 List in the Energy Sector. 

Under the Obama Administration’s Power Africa Program, Robert was the Chief Consultant for the United States Africa Development Foundation (USADF) energy investment portfolio, empowering over 50 energy companies in 9 African countries to secure follow-on financing to provide cleantech to 6,000 people living off the electricity grid. He also founded Credimarks Savings and Loan, a financial institution in Ghana devoted to enhancing the productivity and prosperity of smallholder farmers with transparent financial products.

Sync Energy AI’s LinkedIn & Website / Rob’s LinkedIn

Geri Yang-Johnson – Director of Green Jobs & Entrepreneurship, Green For All

Geri Yang-Johnson is the Director of Green Jobs and Entrepreneurship for Dream Corps Green For All. Geri’s decades of experience improving communities through advocacy, philanthropy, and development are integral to the innovative work within Green Jobs and Entrepreneurship. In addition to uplifting Black and Brown innovators, Geri and her team will launch a national green scholarship program and green jobs cohort. Geri will lead the work of the Green For All Business Council, a council composed of Black and Brown cutting-edge CEOs in the clean energy and green sector while working alongside Climate Pledge companies to ensure they make more equitable pledges and commitments.

Before Green For All, Geri served as the Vice President and Social Impact and Sustainability Sr. Specialist at Wells Fargo. She currently serves on the board of The California Wellness Foundation and the James B. McClatchy Foundation where she oversees efforts implementing innovative solutions to California’s most pressing social and economic issues. Geri also serves as an Executive Committee Member for Fresno DRIVE, a $4 billion regional inclusive economy investment plan.

Geri’s LinkedIn

For any further inquiries about how to support the Green For All Business Council’s efforts, please reach out to [email protected]

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