Join me and support the #LoveArmy

Hi Friends,

Many of you are asking quite simply, "What can I do?" 

We can (and must) do a lot.

I have committed to raising $1000 for my organization, the Dream Corps, by the end of the year. Right now millions of good people are wide awake and willing to act. Here is the problem -- they are disconnected, dispirited, and disoriented.

We have an answer: #LoveArmy
The #LoveArmy is an alternative to the hate and divisiveness gaining momentum in our communities and in our country. Democracy doesn’t just happen on Election Day. Democracy happens every day, through every interaction we have and every action we take. As divided as we may be, we have far more in common than not. Despite our difference, our common pain should give us common purpose.

Behind the #LoveArmy is a team of solutionaries at the Dream Corps. I have loved every minute of working with #YesWeCode, #cut50 and Green For All, to close the prison doors and open the doors of opportunity.

Join me, join the #LoveArmy, join our initiatives and TOGETHER we can find solutions to America's toughest problems. 

Can you give today?

Love, Nisha

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    Love Thy Neighbor

    With the forces of hate and intolerance on the march, good people must stand up and be counted.  

    The #LoveArmy is joining Our Three Winners, a nonprofit founded to further the legacy of three beautiful, compassionate individuals - Deah Barakat, his wife Yusor Abu-Salha, and her sister Razan - who lost their lives two years ago on February 10th in a tragic hate crime murder committed by their next door neighbor.  

    Together, we’re calling on people across the country to stand against hatred, xenophobia, and prejudice.  

    We will not let attacks on immigrants and Muslims define who we are.   

    There are people in our community who are in need of our support and friendship.  Every major religion values service and solidarity with our neighbors. It’s an age-old tradition. It’s an American tradition.  

    In remembrance of Deah, Yusor, and Razan, and in support of all who are impacted by hate, here is what YOU can do right now to #LoveThyNeighbor:  

    ACT:  Perform an act of kindness, service or solidarity for your neighbor or fellow community member this week.  Join thousands of others and share your experience with the hashtags #LoveThyNeighbor, #LoveArmy, and #OurThreeWinners, or share directly on our new Facebook page.

    DONATE:  Support these frontline organizations fighting for refugees and against Islamophobia:  Our Three Winners: Project Refugee SmilesMPower Change, or DRUM (Desis Rising Up and Moving).   

    SHARE:  Watch this video and share on social media with a personal message about #LoveThyNeighbor.

    Join us as we #LoveThyNeighbor, stand against hate, and stand up for love.  



    The #LoveArmy Team

    P.S. We’re building our platform, and we’ve got some big plans for the coming weeks.  Please follow our brand new pages on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram to stay updated and to help us share the love!

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    Join the #LoveArmy: Fight Different

    Van Jones, the Dream Corps and thousands of others are building a #LoveArmy for America.

    We won’t take freedom for granted. We are coming together, standing up, and speaking out. That is how our amazing country progresses. We the people make America great. Together we make this nation strong. We are here.

    The #LoveArmy is an alternative to the despair and divisiveness gaining momentum in our communities. We fight hate with love + power.  

    This year we will be coordinating regular actions and bringing people together in large and small gatherings. We will support #MessyTruth conversations. We will host teach-ins and revivals. We'll come together to fight for an inclusive country where everyone counts and everyone matters. Join us.

    Will you make a resolution to act?

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  • published #23Ways in News & Media 2016-07-13 17:06:56 -0700


    In an exclusive video for Mic, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Common, Chris Rock, Taraji P. Henson, Van Jones and others describe the mundane actions that cost black Americans their lives. Watch below:

    For the full post from Mic's Jamilah King, click here

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