Our Mission

The Dream Corps closes prison doors and opens doors of opportunity for all.

Imagine a future where our toughest problems are finally being solved -- by a network that unites innovators across racial, social and even partisan lines.

Imagine a smart organization making this future possible, by offering world-class support for world-changing solutions. One exists: the Dream Corps.

After more than 20 years of human rights and environmental leadership, Van Jones founded the Dream Corps in 2015. The platform is based on a simple but powerful idea: we can reshape “what’s possible” in the fields of social justice by focusing on solutions -- not silos. Van observed that the social change space has been dominated by single-issue or single-constituency organizations. This arrangement has made it easier to accomplish certain goals in the short term. But in the long term, he recognized that no single issue can be comprehensively resolved without addressing interrelated challenges. Also, no single community can achieve meaningful, lasting change without building broad, strong and supportive alliances.

And yet very few change-making organizations have been founded on that understanding. So Van set out to create a bridge-building and solutions-oriented organization.

Today, the Dream Corps brings people together -- including very unlikely allies -- to create a better future for all. We work to close prison doors and open doors of opportunity. While always acknowledging the “battle ground” issues that divide us, we focus on the “common ground’ solutions that unite us.

Since our founding, we’ve impacted millions of lives by working with stakeholders from all walks of life to:  

  1. Transform the criminal justice system
  2. Increase opportunity in the tech sector
  3. Build an inclusive green economy
  4. Shrink the culture of intolerance, fear and division

Social challenges -- and solutions -- do not exist in silos. That’s why Green For All, #cut50, #YesWeCode, and #LoveArmy share a platform: to maximize impact and create new opportunities. We support economic, environmental and criminal justice innovators all under one roof. Our shared platform helps leaders create synergies, leapfrog obstacles and maximize impact.