Johnnie Williams

As the Apprenticeship Director at #YesWeCode, Johnnie is developing a model for educating and training diverse students to prepare them for careers in computer programming. He works directly with employers, students, community colleges, and coding bootcamps that are collaborating with #YesWeCode to create a pipeline program for computer programers across industries. He has represented #YesWeCode at the ApprenticeshipUSA White House Summit, where #YesWeCode was recognized by the Department of Labor as a national leader in tech diversity.

Johnnie came to #YesWeCode from the Peralta Community College District where he is a computer information systems faculty member. He also founded an Information Computer Technology (ICT) program for local high school students, which included coursework, guest speakers, and visits to leading technology companies in the Bay Area. Students who completed the program received college credit, and some students received internships at technology companies. Prior to working at Peralta, Johnnie worked as a programmer for start-up companies that were pioneering innovative technologies such as biometric verification and smart card technology. He has also worked as a programmer for a leading video game company. Johnnie was born and raised in Oakland and graduated with a degree in Cognitive Science from Occidental College in Los Angeles.

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